Brim Fell…and some sheep..

Brim Fell…and some sheep..

So, I was at home tending to my plants! It was promising to be a nice day but I wasn’t really feeling much like driving to the Lakes. I thoroughly enjoy doing my hanging baskets and window boxes. Its very therapeutic!

The day passed. I helped my lovely neightbour with her shopping and my other lovely neighbour doing some gardening. I was looking at the skies thinking it would be daft not to take advantage after all the thunder we have had!

I went inside and checked the forecast…It was very good for the west but not as musch in the east. I packed in a hurry with only wine and and water to sort when I got to Coniston. I fed Merlot and was soon singing happily to Ben Howard and heading for the Lakes.. Now, I know you could ask if I ever get bored of the Coniston Fells and the answer should be yes!! But actually its No! I do love the fells around there. They feel like home and I have a lot of fond memories from childhood right through to the present day of them. I remember days with my mum and dad and sister fell walking there. And there is the mines of course! I love those big cavernous holes!!

I pulled up in the village and nipped in the Co-op. My friend Lee was working so I had a nice chat with him before grabbing my bits. I also nipped to my fave cafe for a treat for supper!

As I drove up the valley I noticed the breeze was quite strong; this pleased me as I didn’t fancy being dinner to 3 million midges! I had packed my Smidge and headnet just in case!!

I was soon on my way but wasn’t sure where as yet, I followed the mine track up the Levers Water side so whatever happened it wouldn’t be Wetherlam! I had been on there the previous week and had a brilliant night with Ste and Jacqui. Whilst tending to go solo much of the time I do like company on occasion and I hadn’t seen Ste for a while. It was a really fab night filled with laughter and swearing! Ste didn’t get picked on at all!!!!!!!

I have added a couple of pics of that night.

Anyway, back to the day in question. I decided to take the steep path up the Levers Water, it was really hot but the breeze was welcome and was keeping me at an acceptable and comfortable temperature. On the way up I found a very small miners wedge, possibly early 18th century, it was a lovely little thing so I put it safely in my pocket.

Soon I was ay Levers Water and looking to at my favourite view! I decided to head up to Levers Hause and then would decide on Brim Fell or Swirl How. The going was really hot as the I was sheltered form the breeze here. I stopped at the beck and filled my Sawyer pouch and carried on. After the short sharp shock I popped out at the Hause. The wind was prevalent here and I knew I’d be weighing my bag down!

A short pull and the ground soon plateau’d before me. I went straight to my usual exposed spot. It’s a really top spot to bivvy or camp. It has fine views of sunset and is as flat as a bowling green. Perfect!

The perfect spot!

I busied myself setting up. I had packed all my stuff in my bivvy so all I had to do was unroll and blow my mat up with my schnozzle bag. Quick and easy!. I had my mat out to test the night before as the night I was out with Ste and Jacqui I had managed to puncture it on my rock on Wetherlam! It was my own fault….

In my element and blinded by the sun!

The repair was easy to do and had worked so I was happy.

I was soon sorted and put dinner on. A chap passed by and I could see a few people on the summit of The Old Man but nobody else came my way. I cracked open my G and T and had it whilst waiting for my Carbonara to rehydrate. Soon I was full and ready to sit back and suck in the sunset. It was looking sweet.


Convected clouds over The Old Man.

I was a little premature as the sun wasn’t going to set for at least an hour. I took of my trainers and socks and had a wander. The grass is short and springy and felt cool to walk on. I wandered around for ages like this. I looked to the South and the clouds looked convected but I knew no storms were forecast.  I went over to the top of Brim Fell slabs and looked down over Low Water. The lambs were now in ‘mental mode’! It always seems to heppen at dusk! They ran and jumped and butted each other as there mums looked on despairingly… if they were human you could imagine them shaking their heads and rolling their eyes! I sat and looked as the shadows crept into the dells and corries casting odd shapes. I love this time in the evening. Soon it was time to put some extra clothes on as I had a lot of goose bumps now. I headed back up to camp.

Feet out!


Low Water.

Soon I was warm and comfortable. I like getting my power stretch leggings on! There’s something comforting about it. I think I liken it to winter when I put my prima loft trousers on 🙂

Happy and warm!

I looked at Dow, it was shadowed and dark and looked forboding. I’ve climbed on there but only once. An intimidating but beautiful crag.

Sun setting.

I cast my eyes back to the sunset. The sun was lowering. The sheep had been entertaining so far this evening and they were still all gathered quite high up. A couple had been curious and come quite close to me.

My company.

I sat on my favourite rock and stretched my legs out. The sun was getting really low and I cursed not having my camera with me! I have broken another one by using it underground! It happens every couple of years sadly. So, apologies if the pics aren’t great.

I sat thinking about my friends and what they were doing. I thought Gillie and James would be swimming somewhere and David would be at work. Sadly Marc was at home and working early the next day. I sent regular pictures to update them of my evening.

The sun was almost finished with her day (well, at least where we are), she sank gently behind the Scafells leaving behind colours that you can never express in words. It was utterly mesmerising. Everything had an apricot hue to it before instantly turning to deep shade.

Hang on mum!
Sheep at sunset,
Last Light.

I finished my wine off and went back to my bag. The wind was still blowing quite hard and I had plenty of ballast holding down the kit! I fired up the Jetboil for a last drink as I had caramel shortbread to eat from the Meadowdore! My treat. They do make awesome caramel shortbread as well as breakfasts!

The time had come to do teeth. I had another walk around and stretch before getting snuggled in. The wind had dropped a little and was pleasant on my skin. I settled down with my arms and head out but my Buff pulled over my mouth and nose (I would hate to wake with a slug on my lip…….)

Bed Time!

I watched as the stars started to pepper the sky. It was as magical as ever. I never tire of seeing such beauty. I soon drifted off. I woke at 3am to an icredible sight. The moon was just above the horizon and was being lit by the sun rising to its west. No camera… I was gutted. It was other worldly.

Morning sheepies!
Wake up time!

I decided to get some more sleep as I was at work at 8.30. I woke again at 5.30 and decided to get up. The wind had abated and there was the odd midge around. I got a brew on and packed up. I decided a cereal bar would suffice until I got to work. Soon I was ready to leave. The sun was already high. Little did I know but my friend Sarah who was on Grasmoor was being treated to a brilliant inversion! I however wasn’t.. You can’t win them all.

The Scafell Massif.
Leave no trace.

I retraced the previous days steps as it was the fastest way down. Levers Water was like a mill pond when I arrived. Stunning.

Levers Water.

I was sad (as always) to be leaving the hills, but real life beckons and I’d had my fix.

I know some of my blogs can be a bit odd! In as much as they are related to my anxiety stuff. I hope this doesn’t deter people from reading…or just looking at the pictures! I don’t mean to be boring or over indulging in personal stuff. 🙂





8 thoughts on “Brim Fell…and some sheep..

  1. Love hearing about your microadventures. I reckon your not alone in not being bored with the same places. It’s good just to get out and I for one am envious of your proximity to the hills. Keep calm and carry on camping!

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