The Winds Continue to Conspire…

The Winds Continue to Conspire…

I left work at 4.30…A little bit if a flyer as things had quietened off in the afternoon and my staff are awesome!

I headed for the usual haunt of the Coniston fells as I was back in work at 9.15 on the Sunday morning. I could see it was going to be a nice night and I wanted to get high…To be honest its pretty hard to motivate yourself when you’ve been on your feet all day and now you have to flog up a mountain with a heavy pack on.. Winter was hanging on so extra kit is always needed when you only use a bivvy bag as there is no protection from the wind.

I had invited Gillie tonight but she had her dogs so had decided to camp up on The Scar above Kendal. (Tigs is getting old and prefers a bit of comfort) πŸ™‚ I told her I would look for her headtorch light later on.

I decided toΒ  head to Walna Scar carpark and see where I ended up. I was surprised to see that some irresponsible git had left the gate wide open! I drove through and closed it behind me.

I got out of the car and a keen wind from the North West hit me! Brrrrr, extra layers would be needed. I messed about finishing the packing and decanted some wine into my platypus for my evening tipple! πŸ™‚

Soon I was on my way, my legs complained instantly…I would soon warm up I thought. I was really pulling on my poles now as I was mindful of the time and the sunset. I didn’t want to miss it. I felt sluggish and slow… As I approached Low Water I exchanged pleasantries with the last few walkers coming down off the The Old Man. I decided I would go up via Raven Tor; Its a nice little trod and fairly direct to the summit of Brim Fell. (I usually avoid the Old Man summit on a Saturday night as its popular and there is a chance you may get company!) I felt really weak as I started up the steep grass to the col. There had been a bug/virus at work and I was hoping that I wasn’t getting it..I felt stupidly slow…I can usually really beast myself but tonight I had nothing in my legs. I wondered if I should head home, I could curl up on the sofa with Merly in front of the fire and have a restful eveining….Nope, I must keep going..I was driven by the thought of the sunset..knowing soon I would be rested and watching the sun sink with a cup of wine and a good meal! I rested at intervals as I couldn’t keep my rhythm at all. Soon I was heading for the summit. I was pleased I has persevered, it was, as always, stunningly beautiful. The Scafells and The Langdales, Wetherlam etc now in view.. Perfect.

042 (2)
Looking to Wetherlam

Yet again, the wind was not in my favour..I took my mobile out and updated the forecast. 30mph gusts. As usual I would have to spend all night hanging onto my kit!

Getting ready for dinner πŸ™‚

I found a great spot just under some rocks that would give me some protection from the wind. I unpacked, taking care to keep everything sheltered and weighted!. I made a wind break with some rocks to help the Jetboil along. I put my water on straight away for dinner as I wanted to be done and dusted with food and ready to sit and watch the sunset with a full tummy and some warmth in me! It was pretty cold.. I was soon wolfing down my Bla Band Pasta Bolognase..I felt a little less washed out. I finished up my dinner and coffee and was soon sitting back and relaxing. I was well layered up! I decided to head for a walk. I thought back to previous nights on this summit. Gillie and Tigger, Vicki, Bryn have shared this summit with me…Also the only time I have seen the Aurora was from here. I stood looking to the coast and smiling as I thought of Tigger-(Gillies German Short Haired Pointer) with a Buff on his head! He looked great! We had danced to Ben Howard and drunk G and T! Good times..I would hopefully see her head torch light when it got dark.

Soon the sun was sinking. It was quite a ‘flat’ sunset. Beautiful nonetheless.. The sky was clear and the stars would be good tonight.I headed back to my bed, the wind continued to remind me of the winter..It was well below freezing on the skin!

Sun setting
Harter Fell and Sellafield.

I finished up my wine and stuck another brew on. Hot chocolate was most welcome. As darkness fell around me I breathed in the cold night air. It was just the best feeling.. The stars appeared one by one and the temperature seemed to fall with everyone that appeared. I cupped my hot choccy and looked toward Kendal. My phone screen lit up and Gillie messaged me to say she could see me! I picked up her moving headtorch on the Scar also.. Lovely! I felt comforted by it somehow. I watched her for a short while moving around as she did me before it was time to say goodnight.

I started to sort my bits out ready for bed. I carefully sorted through my kit to find my toothbrush and face wipes. Soon I was ready for bed, it was after 9! Rock N Roll! I took of my boots and wriggled in my bag. I put boots away and made sure all my stuff was in where I needed it. I slid down and put my hand up to pull my pillow into place….My lovely pillow, one of lifes little luxuries when you camp or bivvy. I patted around the top of the bivvy, no pillow..I sat up, and felt around again, maybe it had deflated.. I got out again and started to look inside the bag, no pillow.. Damn it.. I know what had happened, it had blown away..I was bloody well cheesed off! I looked acroos the plateau, knowing it was futile; it was long gone. Back to the old school method of the down jacket in the Buff!

I snuggled into my lovely Western Mountaineering Verasalite bag.. Did I mention previously how much I love this bag! It really is a piece of work.. Just phenomenal!

Soon I was satellite searching and star gazing! My eyes scanned the sky for movement, I picked up 3 and saw 2 shooting stars before drifting off.. I woke an hour later with a very cold face!. I snuggled in and was woken at 6 by my alarm.. The wind still searched for me.. I shivered in the morning cold but the view fed and heated my soul.. It was just beautiful. Clear, cold and stunning..


I put the Jetboil on and sat in wonder. The clouds curled over the Eastern fells. Hugging and rolling over their contours. It really was beautiful.








My hands froze in the wind but I had to take lots of pictures.. I would want to share this moment with people.. Soon I was with Fruit Porridge and Coffee. It soon warmed me up! I was sad to have to hurry but work beckoned. I reluctantly got up and started to pack. My legs were cold! I didn’t have my primaloft trousers with me! Soon I was ready for the off..The need to find the pillow drove me much harder than work did!!!. I took my LNT pic and headed off in the same direction I walked up the night before..The colours on the mountain were so warm…

Leave no trace


The wind would’ve taken my pillow in that direction. My eyes scanned the fell. I knew if it had got wedged turquoise side up I had a chance of seeing it…the other sideΒ  was grey…..needle in a haystack! I approached Low Water in the hope of seeing it floating on the water! No sign.. Oh well. It was gone. So if you’re up in the area then keep your eyes open!

I approached the car and smiled. I was less a pillow but I didn’t feel like I had a bug! The day was gorgeous but I had enjoyed the best part of it. My back hurt but someone is always worse off…….

Note – I have already attached my new pillow with a piece of bungee cord to the zip on my sleeping bag!!!! Its not going to happen a second time πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “The Winds Continue to Conspire…

  1. Went up to Bowscale Fell with the intention of a pitch but it was all I could do to stand up at 45 degrees with my poles being blown all over the place. Dropped down to the tarn instead. Amazing night when the wind died off but still far too cold for April! Crackin’ blog as always. Nice to finally meet you in The Epicentre a couple of weeks ago. Best.

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  2. As per usual, great read! Quick question: is your bivi fully enclosed or do you sleep with your face “out”? I always get the heebie-jeebies about suffocation in a zipped up bivi so I always leave mine unzipped a bit to let air in. Just wondered if you did the same.

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    1. I like to sleep face out in summer but have problems in winter as the temperatures I go out in cause my eyes to swell up!!! So, in for winter with a good vent and out for summer! Thanks for the nice comment πŸ™‚


      1. Swollen eyes sounds horrible; something I’ve not experienced and don’t want to. I figure it’s a good idea to leave a decent vent. I really don’t trust breathable fabrics that much as I find it hard to breathe if I hold the fabric over my face so what happens if I wasn’t really trying to force air through the fabric while I’m asleep?

        Nice comment: just a simple truth. Interesting, well-written, good pics. What’s not to like?

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