For The Haters….

For The Haters….

If you don’t like foul language then don’t read on as you’ll only be offended.

This is more of a statement than a blog but it’s my right to say it  because it will make me feel better and after all its my choice.

I recently heard from somebody that some people had been passing judgement on me…

It was basically about “How can my back be that bad if I’m out on the hill all the time” …its obviously not that bad kind of attitude…..

Well, here’s my message…FUCK YOU.

If anyone who reads this thinks I’m making it up, then:

“off you fuck”.

Unfriend me, unfollow, don’t read my blog etc. But don’t have the nerve to doubt what I go through on a daily basis. I have no room for haters and stirrers and disloyal people in my life, because guess what? It’s too short. Go and doubt some chav sponging off the state if you’re bored. And for the record, I have only ever had time off post surgery…..I work full time so that gives me the right to do what I like on my days off –  without being judged.

I have been through back pain for all of my adult life. It has got progressively worse and is degenerating as I get older…faster than most peoples. I have had 3 operations, epidurals, spinal injections, nerve cauterization and I’ve spent thousands of pounds trying to get better with natural treatments… And you know what….the only therapy I have is mountains, and every time I’m in those mountains I have to have prescription painkillers to make it possible, and you know what? Whilst it takes away the pain I feel sick…So, even when I’m not in pain I have to cope with nausea…..

So, whilst on face value I look happy, yes, I’m happy but that’s because it’s the only thing that makes me truly happy..(and riding my bike…and going underground)

So, for all you haters, for the record, my pain is awful…some days it’s worse than others (not that you’ll give a fuck if you doubted me in the first place and personally you can go and boil your stupid fucking trappy head if you did); and some days I can function without tramadol, but, for the most part it’s pretty tough.

There, that’s that said. I apologise for the use of bad language but seriously, this kind of shit incenses me. If you know no better than be nice and don’t doubt/judge people. You don’t know how bad things are just because people seem happy, ok, healthy…..

In the famous words of someone who writes quotes for a living:

Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about..Always be nice.

27 thoughts on “For The Haters….

  1. some good adjectives and nouns, by far the most emotional blog you’ve ever done, I’m really looking forward to the follow up, some may say a little assertive but I’m with you on this one, please take it to the next level, this really is gripping stuff 🙂

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  2. Well we’ve been the best of mates since we were kids and it breaks my heart that you even need to write this. If they knew the real you they would realise just how wrong and upsetting they are! But you know how many love what you write, f##k the haters!

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  3. Nice to see you’re still the straight talking lass that I used to work with. In my experience the “haters” usually have such sad lives that they don’t have anything interesting to say about themselves so they have to resort to calling those that are interesting just to make themselves feel better… oh well, whatever rocks yer boat I suppose… My real love of the fells and my bicycle adventures all grew out of escaping my own illness and demons, and it still works as a stress relief… it beats moaning anyway … Love the blog btw… given me plenty of inspiration for places to take my son,

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  4. Hi Kate,
    I hurt my back having a fall of my bike couple of years back and it’s played up ever since. Running enough it doesn’t hurt when carrying a heavy load backpacking. This might be due to the fact that I feel that bacpackpacking to me is a low intesive exercise. But sometimes whilst cycling up very steep hills I can feel it as it can put pressure through my back.
    The hills are my medication too. Indeed I suffer from depression and no amount of pills from the doctor makes me better. One thing does though and that’s the outdoors. I feel alive when up a mountain or camping up a remote glen. It makes me feel full of energy.
    Now things I do at work can affect my back every day and modern life can affect my depression.
    Along the lines of what great outdoors guru Chris Townsend said- the hills are not an escape from reality, they are in fact an escape back to reality.

    Well voiced post Late.

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  5. Hey Kate,

    Enjoyed your last post and very sad to read this one. Sadly, there are always some nasty bastards about. I have knee injuries that come (debilitating) and go ( as normal) and that’s bad enough. To have a degenerative problem must be a terrible thing to deal with mentally and physically. I remember the sheer joy of finding out the hills weren’t lost for me for ever.

    Keep on posting and, more importantly, enjoying what you do. If we ever do cross paths in Cumbria or my more often explored area (The Peak District) I’d be honoured to buy you a drink and say this face to face: “You have nothing to apologise or be defensive for. You achieve things most people can’t even begin to aspire to. Now let’s go and find a hill with a nice view to celebrate and leave the drongoes behind”. ‘Nuff said?

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      1. Hope so, it would be fun.

        I’ll be exploring the huge hills in the Vale of Belvoir with the Backpacking Club in early October. Some of those hills can reach 300 ft! Then some days out in the Peaks before hibernation sets in😀

        Have fun!

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  6. It has no bearing on anyone else why we climb mountains or when we climb but we do it for our own reasons. You keep climbing (and cycling and exploring underground) on your own terms and for your reasons.

    It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves, Edmund Hillary

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  7. Hi Kate, fuck em girl, they’re not worth the worry. If they are taking the piss it’s coz they’re jealous. It’s your one means of relieving the stress. I’m a tall person with a long torso and have had back trouble on and off since I was a kid but suffer nowhere near the pain that you go through.
    Carry on doing what you do girl, not only does it give you pleasure but it gives all us people that read your blogs about your trips loads of pleasure too. I’m writing this full of anger for the wankers that are shagging you off.
    Carry on the great gift that you love which gives you and all of us lots of pleasure and fuck the back stabbing.

    Rozza (smudger)

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  8. Here bloody here Kate… A lot of us are deep down suffering from whatever it is… The great outdoors is our therapy…Cant believe the haters like!!! i truly believe its sheer envy in what you do.. You’re an ambassador to us all – we’ve all learned something from ‘our Kate’ – People dont like this… Most of all your a nice person with a great smile and a zest for life!!! This also pisses people off – Crazy i know..Keep on keeping on girl xxx

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  9. I’ve never met you Kate but a lot of what you post, both here and Facebook, has inspired me to get out in the fells on a more regular basis – mini-adventures if you like. Wildcamping is now part of my week and is, without doubt, a therapy away from the working day and the other personal demons the plague us all at some point – illness included. I had a cancer scare 3 years ago – thankfully all was well and the issue was infact something else, although equally debilitating. Kate, people only see what they want to see and let’s face it – there just jealous of what you do. With a number of operations, I have fully recovered and plan not to waste a second again! Keep doing what you do Kate, keep posting what you post and keep inspiring others – and Fuck the Trolls – your worth ten of them.

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  10. Well said, Kate. Sadly, while social media and all the other communications we have provide some advantages they do seem to make some people feel they can serve judgement on anything or anyone, without knowing anything about it, or them. I understand back problems – though I don’t claim to have suffered the way you clearly have. Seize the day, do what makes you feel good and ignore the ignorant and the rude. Keep walking and camping – and keep writing!

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  11. I feel your pain Kate, I’ve always suffered with my back and recently had cortisone injections myself. Yet I still manage to get out there up in the hills, you need to keep active, best thing you can do for a bad back. F*#@ the haters

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  12. I have read your blog for a while. I knew nothing of your pain but know how it feels because i too suffer. Keeping the back moving does help i find. If people call you for getting out then thats their problem and they are sad and unworthy of your words. Swearing doesn’t offend me at all working in an engineering factory but don’t lower yourself to their level your blog is far too good.

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  13. Sometimes you just have to get stuff of your chest so go girl, I’ve only started backpacking in the last 12 months and your blog is one of the reasons, as well as the fantastic photos it’s the fact that you have a bad back that’s inspired me, got a dodgy knee and it’s a struggle some times, but don’t want to let it stop me doing what I want and getting out, if you can do it with your bad back so can I.

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