Water, water everywhere not any drop to drink!

Water, water everywhere not any drop to drink!

So, there’s a thought…..

What to take and which filter to use if any? I usually take 2 x 1 litre Platypus bottles already full if I don’t think I’ll find any water at all – mainly mid summer. If I know there is water in the area I want to camp then I take a Sawyer Filter. See link to Mountain Lite. https://www.facebook.com/MountainLite/posts/275726789219182

It really is a great piece of kit. Its compact and screws onto the top of any Platypus bottle. It is a squeeze filter so you need to collect water in your platy bottle bottle first then squeeze the water through it into your pan or another bottle to drink..or you can drink straight through the filter itself as it comes with a straw.

Chlorine tablets can also be used as a back up plan and whilst they are pretty safe they can make the water taste like its fresh from the local pool!!! Nuetralising tablets can be bought as an option to take the taste away and its not too pricy but a bit of a faugh compared to the filter or carrying your own if its just for a night. https://www.lifesystems.co.uk/products/water-purification

The other option is boiling the water. Wikihow have a useful page as follows http://www.wikihow.com/Purify-Water

A lot of people still trust the good old ‘if its running over rocks its safe’ statement! I’ve drunk straight from running streams in the mountains many times and not – touch wood – become sick…..Tests in recent years have shown more nasties in the mountain streams so take care doing this!

An Old Rhyme!

The sun was hot so he drank his fill, from the rushing waters of Sourmilk Ghyll, but little did he know, that out of view, splitting the rushing waters in two were the rotting remains of a Herdwick Ewe!

You have been warned!!!!!!

Remember – If in doubt take water with you!

The Sawyer Mini Filter in use.
The Sawyer Mini Filter in use.

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